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Female orgasm is aimed at physical and psychological satisfaction. Visit Our Sister Sites. Log In using Facebook. Log in via Email. Second of all, you can help the sperm stay around your cervix a bit longer. To spice it up, bring the sex out of bed, and do it on a chair or couch.

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Some believe that sex with the woman on top will lead to a girl, while sex with the man on top will produce a boy.

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4 Positions to Try if You're Having Sex for the First Time After Childbirth

Search Stories on Smart Parenting. When to Have Sex to Get Pregnant. Neither does it bother the sperm to get to the egg, nor does it help. After tracking my period for a couple of months the app seemed pretty on track and worked just as I was hoping. Kids With Special Needs. It is also highly likely that it can feel like it's your first time again. A lot of speculation has been going on for ages about finding the best sex position to get pregnant fast.

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chilg sex position
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