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The polyp was located in my rectum and they were able to "cure" me with a couple of operations. Get tested for food allergies including Gluten. Obviously he would rather not have it, but it's not cancer and more importantly, it is a disease which can usually be controlled with medication. I always suffer from a itchy ass aswell, which has been more common lately. I have placed it on the main story website here: So now I think I may need to go thru with the spay, yet STILL worried about the whole procedure and aftercare since I work 5 days a week-8hr days ; I may need to take time off to take care of her. Take Care, Sharon - Administrator This post should not be considered medical advice.

Only on the toilet paper.

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Please see the link below for pictures. I had no lymph node involvment. Now I have no idea where they got those numbers from particularly when you see how much the spread in years there is. However, the inhibition of selenoprotein cancels these benefits out, by not only increasing the risk of colon and prostate cancer, but more importantly, by triggering many of these autoimmune diseases Llamaboy Ars Scholae Palatinae Registered:

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