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In the subbed version he never says that. Some of these can be chalked up to his Saiyan heritage, others are a result of his naivety or general low intelligence. The only time Goku abandoned Gohan was when he died and chose to stay dead. Dragonball city Xxx Parody: So yeah, I definately think Goku loves Chichi in the romantic kind of way.

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Throughout the filler before the androids though we do see Goku do things he generally dislikes or finds difficult just to please her and after he gets better from his virus he immediately holds chichi in his arms when she comes to him.

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How can you do that on prize money that was won over five years ago? We also see their life when Gohan is a baby where we can tell by comparing his strength to earlier fights is not at what it was when he fought piccolo. And with Piccolo he trained with Gohan in the mountains-- he pummeled Gohan until he was so exhausted he couldn't even prevent himself from literally falling off of the mountain. Dragonball Z videl Hentai. I'm sure Chi Chi was like "married people do this" then they did that, and Gohan was born. Since Goku isn't too great at working, be it on the farm or at a security job, and all he's concerned with is training and fighting, we can assume that he doesn't bring in that much cash to the Son household. With the boys is that beside Gohan and videl, who never kiss either, they never fall in love.

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