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Men who had many wives or who were very sexually active used prostate massage to help ensure they could maintain their sexual activities. To prepare for a prostate massage, first empty your bowels and bladder. Massage the entire length of the perineum for several minutes. If the thought of doing a prostate massage for yourself or having a partner do it for you is uncomfortable, you should know that learning how to do prostate massage or having it done for you could provide significant symptom relief and be highly beneficial for your sex life and sexual performance. In any case, prostate massage can improve blood flow in the treated area, enhance urinary flow, and help promote the integrity and health of the prostate tissue. The benefits of prostate massage have now been expanded to include therapeutic advantages for men who are living with common prostate conditions as well as enhance orgasms and erectile function.

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Those with a vibration feature will vibrate when pressed against the prostate, which will help reduce inflammation, improve blood flow, and relax the gland.

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Self-Prostate-Milking with Vibrator How-To

Now you are ready for a self-prostate massage or one done by a partner or health professional. Some of these products have a vibration feature while others do not. It typically takes several weeks before you will notice appreciable benefits of daily prostate massage therapy. Regardless of which prostate massage approach you choose, you need to be patient. Prostate massagers designed for internal use are inserted into the anus.

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