Facial features and personality in love

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Her research focuses on the biological motives of facial structure and skin color and how they play a major role in our personality and behavioral traits. The middle section of the face, from the eyebrows down to the base of the nose is called Human, and this is associated with the middle years of life. Could you be a human lie detector? To some extent, we all read faces all of the time. If you rated high in Conscientiousness, you are described as organized, efficient and dependable. Free Enlightened Living Course:

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What does it say about you?

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What Our Faces Reveal About Our Personality

The study tracked twins in the U. The lower section, from the base of the nose down to the bottom of the face is termed Earth, and this is concerned with old age. Both of these studies tell us that genetic influence is the key to how successful a person will be in life and their ability to learn and develop. This is backed by a study that the University of Edinburgh conducted. A man who has a hairless gap beneath his lower lip or a person of either sex who has a discoloration or scar in this area must be careful of their diet, because the stomach may be weak. This article on Chinese face reading is from the book:

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facial features and personality in love
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facial features and personality in love
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