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Provide feedback on this item if you wish Due to an oversight, the leggings that have the jagged shit on the side currently don't display correctly; this will be fixed in a future hopefully prompt update. Over the past few days, and as a result of some slow time at work, I've built a tool to build a customized archive which will contain only the mods and files you desire! Do you plan on working on the Male worgen in sometime? Until this version has been out for a bit, it will still be available in the 7. Intended to give a more defined look than the regular old smooth-face The robe mesh has received a significant alteration as well: Hair styles are weighted, but not completely. Below, you'll find images and changes to each model I have tackled:

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I've been using this for some time, and the flexibility is convenient, due to not having to change the actual model to get a different bust size I've actually had this done for quite some time, but since I'm not really actively playing WoW atm, I never got around to putting it up.

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This is necessary, because while wearing a robe, the shoe mesh is still used over the foot, which looked completely stupid in my opinion. Hair styles are weighted, but not completely. Do I need to drop those files in the other female folders too, and do they have to be renamed? Is there any way to get the Worgen one into 3. Replaced all body meshes from the retail worgen male with those from the alpha model. A custom Exe or so?

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